Investment Chart Kondratiev Wave

Investment Chart Kondratiev Wave

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Fun on ice on the canals of Amsterdam: Breitner’s view

Breitner painted in 1895 on the steps of my house the landscape corner Keizersgracht/Reguliersgracht in Amsterdam. It is auctioned in 2007 from the legacy of Anton Philips (son of the founding father of Philips lamps) for € 760.250, a record for a painting of Breitner (it is also more than the value of my house).
As you can see I have a very expensive view at two canals.

From the same spot I have taken a picture of the fun on the ice in front of my door. It was the first time this century you could skate on the canals of Amsterdam. At the Prinsengracht it was way busier, but also in front of my house the koek-and-zopie (= cook and soup, the Dutch thick peas soup (snert)) stand made a little fortune.
So you get a Breughel/ Jan Steen – like tableau vivant in modern times. It is with with several cars, lots of bikes on the bridge and lots of people making pictures with their smartphones (and there were people skating of course). Still the picture is like what you can expect from Anton Pieck in Amsterdam.

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