Investment Chart Kondratiev Wave

Investment Chart Kondratiev Wave

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Equity market capitalisation by country

The US occupies a proud, uncontested first place in the table from Bespoke of equity market capitalisations. Because of the strong relative performance in 2011 the weight of the US even has risen. Still, the weight is much lower than at the end of the nineties or before 1980 when the weight was substantially more than 50%. The fall of the weight of the US is nothing compared to Japan after 1990, when it had a weight of c. 40%.
Also the UK had long ago a market cap of more than 40%. Until 1730 also the Netherlands had a high weight, but that is never well calculated (but it must have been the case in the time the VOC was the only quoted company in the world). Now the Netherlands (without Shell) has a nimble weight of only 0.5%.
Eye- catching is also that the weight of China (only B-shares) has diminished in 2011, while there were many IPO’s. Together with Hong Kong China occupies the second place.
Because of the excellent performance in the last decade of materials and energy and RIM Canada has risen a lot and given its market capitalisation it deserves a place in the G7 of developed countries.


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