Investment Chart Kondratiev Wave

Investment Chart Kondratiev Wave

Monday, 23 July 2012

some good news of the last days

After all these disaster stories about Spain it is good to see that not everything is going in the wrong direction for  Spain: the big problem that Southern Europe is not competitive, is according this export and import chart of Spain diminishing.  
In more and more Chinese cities the house prices are rising again, in Bejing the fastest. The problems are far form over, houses are unaffordable for the average Chinese and inventories of unsold houses are still way too high. But still, the situation seems to be improving and that is logic when wages are rising 10% or more.

The US is becoming a bigger and bigger energy producer. Not only because of fracking of natural gas, but also because of refinery production.

The German housing market is becoming stronger and stronger. After the decline until 2006 you had a pretty normal four years of stabilisation and since 2010 prices are rising. That can last for a decade or more.

Central banks are going on with their attack on interest rates: South Africa -0.5% is the most recent lowering of interest rates. The FED wants to copy the Funding for Lending system of the Bank of England to get more credit growth.

On medical discoveries they are making progress. Gammagard of Baxter International, is showing to retard the Alzheimer process with three years in a small trial. There are new pills against obesitas that will reduce weight 7% pretty easily.

There are now too many bears according to AAII. In the past years a rise of the S&P was then not far away. There will be hope the pain of Spain will diminish when Mario will be in a good mood.

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